About Us



inkJETPAL was founded in 2009 to provide you a secure shopping environment for high quality and low cost printer supplies. All of us at inkJETPAL are dedicated to premium customer service and we understand that our success depends on making you happy. We were founded with a total commitment to quality. We have established rigorous, incoming quality control testing procedures to verify the quality of our products before shipping them to our coustomers. We have invested thousands of dollars in printers and test equipment in order to ensure the quality of our products. All products are Q.C. tested at our plant and then re-tested by batches at our U.S. warehouse before we ship to you. 

Contact info 

Phone :  1-650-340-7080
Toll Free :  1-800-000-0000
Fax number:  1-650-340-7090
Email: office@mpscalifornia.com 

Address: MPS, Inc. 
802 Burlway Rd 
Burlingame, CA 94010